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Center of electromagnetic methods of St. Petersburg State University

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Investigations and developments directed on the study of natural and artificial electromagnetic fields and their use at the solution of geological, engineering-geological, hydrogeological and environmental problems are carried out in the Center of electromagnetic methods.

Developments of the theory, technique, hardware and software tools of magnetotelluric (MT), audiomagnetotelluric (AMT), controlled source audiomagnetotelluric (CSAMT), radiomagnetotelluric (RMT) and controlled source radiomagnetotelluric (CSRMT) methods are carried out. Electromagnetic fields of powerful extremely low-frequency sources for the purpose of monitoring and earthquake prediction are studied. Magnetic susceptibility logging (MSL) and induction logging (IL) instruments are developed.

Hardware-software complexes ACF-4M (MT, AMT, CSAMT methods) - developed together with the MicroKOR Ltd. (St. Petersburg), RMT-F and RMT-M (foot and mobile variants of the RMT method) – developed together with the MicroKOR Ltd. and the University of Cologne (Germany), RMT-C (CSRMT method) - developed together with the MicroKOR Ltd., the Russian institute of powerful radio building and the University of Cologne (Germany on parameters correspond to the best similar systems in the world, and exceed their in some of important characteristics.

The equipment MKRS (method MSL), IKRS (method IK) is characterized by the high sensitivity, stability of work and developed metrology.

The equipment and technologies, developed in the Center together with partners, is applied at the prospecting for diamonds, gold, uranium, nickel, polymetallic ore, oil, geothermal sources, solution of hydro-geological, engineering-geological and environmental tasks, monitoring of seismic activity in Russia and abroad (China, Vietnam, Spain, Greece, Germany, Denmark, Romania, Morocco, Chile, Australia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan).

Center offers:

- fulfillment of experimental and industrial field works and at customer’s objects;
- delivery support and technique accompaniment for the equipment ACF-4M , RMT-F, RMT-M, RMT-C, MKRS, IKRS;
- delivery support and technique accompaniment for the software tools for the data processing and interpretation of the MT, AMT, CSAMT, RMT and CSRMT methods (programs of robust data processing, 1D and 2D inversions, visualization and archiving data);
- training for the technique of field work and using data processing and interpretation software tools for the customer’s stuff;
- consultations on planning and carrying out of field investigations.

199034, Russia, St. Petersburg, Universitetskaya nab., 7/9, Geological faculty of SPbSU, Center of Electromagnetic methods, tel./fax +7(812) 328-12-51. Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. Написать письмо

Object of investigations

Application of the AMT method
  1. Searches of kimberlite pipes
  2. Solving of structure tasks in Alakit-Marhinsky kimberlite field (Yakutia)
  3. Solving of structure tasks in Nakyn kimberlite field (Yakutia)
  4. Uranium prospecting
  5. Geothermal exploration
  6. Hydrocarbons exploration
  7. Study of railway tunnel route
  8. Solving of hydrogeological at sites of brines storage
  9. Investigation of ore deposits
  10. Monitoring of variations of the stress strain state of rocks



Application of the RMT method
  1. Investigations of the landfill of industrial wastes
  2. Investigations of the landfill of domestic wastes
  3. Study of oil contamination
  4. Investigation of hydrocarbon contaminations at gas stations
  5. Study of the site of housing construction


New! Controlled-source radiomagnetotelluric method and the RMT-C system


Application of the magnetic susceptibility logging (MSL)
  1. Diamond exploration and prospecting
  2. Golden ore prospecting

Application of the induction logging (IL)
  1. Diamond exploration and prospecting
  2. Development of uranium deposits



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